Show Training

If you want to show your dog and you have a young puppy under 20 weeks I suggest the puppy training course first, if over 20 weeks then we would work on a one to one. In the puppy classes you will be shown how to stand your dog which will help for the future, then you can go on to do either one to one training with me for a few sessions to acquire some basic knowledge of showing and handling or go on to the Improvers group where the stand stay is practised, this will help your dog work on the show stand when other dogs are around. When we do sit stay some owners prefer not to teach the sit at all and do just stands which is fine, I have found that you can teach a dog to do all positions without it muddling them up for the show ring. The picture is of Lizzy a Rottweiler bitch I bred and showed at Championship level she could also track and do obedience although I never competed but she was quite capable of doing it all. She wasn't the only one I have had over the years that could be shown and also do a really good sit stay too.

If you are thinking of showing your dog at Open or Championship shows please make sure you let me know when you fill in the booking forms if you are joining the puppy group.

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