Aggressive dogs

Aggression Course

Does your dog lack social graces?

Does he:
• Bark excessively at people coming to your home
• Jump or try to bite guests
• Growl at you
• Fight or bark at other dogs
• Act aggressively in other situations

If the answer is yes to any of the above, I can help. As a member of the CAPBT I work on how the dogs emotional state is affecting its behaviour. One to one behaviour consultation first then depending on which package you choose we work in various ways to reduce the anxiety around dogs or people and give your dog another behaviour in the situation it would show aggression. After a behaviour consultation, if I feel the dog is aggressive due to fear we can then do some one to one training to learn how to cope with an aggressive dog.

The behavioural packages vary and when there is no fear but the problem is more genetically based as with the Akita who are often same sex aggressive I have a package to help with this too. Email me for further details.


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