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Improvers, Advancing and Advancers groups.

Once you have completed the Puppy or one to one you may wish to go on to update or improve your dog's training.

I run Improvers, Advancing and Advancers groups on a Monday and Saturday evening in Plymouth and Friday evenings in Yelverton .

These courses are as follows:

Improvers – We improve the exercises the dogs can already do the sit, lie down and stand and add a couple of new ones for more mental stimulation and control. We improve the dog's ability to keep calm around other dogs and people and help owners deal with the stress of adolescence.

Advancing - This group adds more new exercises and again improves the ones you can already do, adding more and more distractions. Tricks, new recall games to help improve and make it fun.

Advancers – This group again adds more exercises to challenge the dogs and we work on new training topics, often some of my new ideas are worked on in this group before I start adding it to the other groups.


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