Behavioural problems

Behaviour Problems

Behaviour problems are really anything you find your dog doing that is causing you or others a problem. Some of the concerns I cover are as follows:
• Separation related problems – anxiety, barking or chewing
• Excessive barking
• Dog aggression
• People aggression
• Noise phobias
• Dog elimination problems
• Feline aggression
• Feline elimination problems
• Fears and anxieties in cats and dogs

If you have a problem pet the following format should be followed:

• Go to your vet to check the problem is not caused by a health problem
• Ask your vet to refer to me for a behaviour consultation – download a referral form to give to your vet at the same time
• Email me and I will send you on the package prices and the behaviour form to fill in. You then need to send to me by post or email the forms.

• I will contact you by phone or email to discuss your case and to arrange a behaviour consultation with you
• I see you for at least an hour – one and half hours depending on your problem, during this session we will discuss your animal's problem and how we can work around it, a programme will be worked through with you. This may be done in your own home or at a Veterinary practice or in the Plymouth training hall.
• I will send you a report, your vet a report and you will be in contact with me by phone, email or post.
• You will be seen for a second consultation or more depending on the package you have chosen.

Pups may have the right upbringing and the right socialising but things can still go wrong' Seek help sooner rather than later by contacting Jacqui

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